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MARWIS & Airport Safety Options

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Despite continuous technological progress for more than a century, aviation does not cease to command people’s respect. Especially during takeoff and landing, a plane is exposed to various atmospheric risks. Ensuring safe conditions on runways is a highly responsible task. With reliable and proven mobile sensors by Lufft, airports around the world are keeping their runways safe with minimal effort. On this page, you can find a selection of valuable resources around the new ICAO GRF and TALPA regulations, technical information about our award-winning mobile sensor MARWIS, and insightful case studies.

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All About MARWIS

The first mobile weather sensor that helps filling the data gaps
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Case Study: Weather and Runway Monitoring Systems

Lufft sensors are in operation on airports worldwide because of their reliability, flexibility, and easy integration. Read our case studies to find out how Lufft sensors can ensure operation safety whatever the weather. 


Runway Portfolio

MARWIS - Mobile Advanced Road Weather Information Sensor

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Compact Weather Sensors

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 Industrial PC - LCOM 

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Intelligent Passive Road Sensor IRS31Pro-UMB

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Intelligent Active Road Sensor ARS31Pro-UMB

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Visibility Sensor VS20k-UMB

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White Paper: ICAO GRF and TALPA Compliant 

By introducing the new GRF, the ICAO establishes a unified reporting format for runway conditions to increase safety on runways. In our new white paper, we summarized the most important changes and requirements that will come with the introduction of the GRF. 

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Webinar: The Latest Changes Regarding ICAO GRF, TALPA, and RCC  

  In this webinar, our experts discuss the upcoming changes to ICAO, GRF, TALPA, and RCC compliance and how OTT HydroMet technologies can help you comply with these changes.
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This blog post explains why aviation safety is becoming an increasingly important issue. Learn about the most common causes of accidents and how can they be avoided. 

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Blog post: Airport safety measures are becoming more important