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Why Bifacial Photovoltaics are on the Rise

Bifacial photovoltaics is finding its way to becoming mainstream by surpassing global energy capacity of Gigawatts of produced energy. The solar industry seems to agree on the high potential of bifacial PV modules, but their breakthrough is yet to come. 

In the absence of widely established methods to both simulate and measure energy output gains, predictions of efficiency increase through bifacial PV modules vary considerably, depending on the: 

- assumed system setup and module geometry,
- material of the back sheet,
- impact of ground albedo, and
- methods of simulation and measurement of solar irradiance. 

A growing basis of collected data on module performance will help to predict efficiency gains more precisely. In this guide, we try to give an overview over current research including our own, technical developments in the bifacial world and some of the industry’s unanswered questions.

Want to know more about current trends and research on bifacial PV? Download our overview guide!