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We experience precipitation regularly, so do children and animals. But only a few people know how the water cycle of our planet works. How does the water rise to the sky and how does it fall back again? What does define rain, snow, hail, and other different states of water particles falling from the sky? While rain itself might seem like a straightforward topic, its processes play very complex roles in our water cycle and weather patterns.

Download this infographic to better understand what influences precipitation, as well as water’s different states within the water cycle. With the infographic, you will also get access to a Guide with 5 OTT HydroMet technologies to measure precipitation.

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Over the centuries, technology has greatly advanced to provide us everything from tipping buckets to disdrometers. In the OTT Hydromet precipitation portfolio guide, we review these technologies and our solutions to provide you with the best insights into five different precipitation measurement solutions along with a product side-by-side comparison:

  • OTT Pluvio – Weighing Gauge
  • OTT WAD – Hybrid Gauge
  • Lufft WS100 – Radar Precipitation Sensor
  • OTT Parsivel2 – Disdrometer
  • Tipping Bucket

Infographic & 5 Technologies to measure precipitation

How does Rain Fall?

Precipitation Insights for Experts in Meteorology