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Don’t miss this opportunity to change out your old equipment for the reliable,
multi-use HL Series sondes. The HYDROLAB HL4 and HL7 are the next
generation multiparameter water quality sondes for measuring temperature,
dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, turbidity, chlorophyll, and more.


Ends December 31

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*  “Comparable” means a sonde model with similar form, fit, function, and configuration.

Series 5 upgrades include trading in a Surveyor 4a to qualify for a discount of up to 25% on the Surveyor HL.

Total percentage discount you receive for your trade-in will vary based on the age and condition of the equipment, in addition to how many sensors/sondes being traded and the type of sensors/sondes being traded.

Within a 4-week period from date of order delivery, OTT HydroMet will require your old unit to be returned to the location specified in the return instructions. Your Territory Manager may take possession of the product on your behalf if you cannot ship the product within the specified 30-day period.

Trade-up offer does not apply to Sea-Bird Scientific, OTT, SUTRON, or any other branded products not otherwise explicitly listed here.

OTT HydroMet reserves the right to modify or cancel trade-up offers at any time without notice.

Offer ends at 11:59pm EST on December 31, 2019.