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For Soiling Monitoring of PV

Soil on the panel glass is one of the major problems in the rapidly expanding solar energy market, with the attendant loss of efficiency and reduction in performance ratios. Now, there’s a new, simple and very cost-effective alternative. 

DustIQ can be easily added to new or existing solar arrays and integrated into plant management systems. The unit is mounted to the frame of a PV panel and does not need sunlight to operate. It continuously measures the transmission loss through glass caused by soiling, so that the reduction in light reaching the solar cells can be calculated.

DustIQ is the missing link in solar monitoring

Kipp & Zonen developed a new and innovative Optical Soiling Measurement (OSM) technology to monitor loss of transmission caused by dust and dirt on PV panels. 

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DustIQ is installed in various test sites and PV projects already. Click through the pictures to see examples of applications throughout the world:

“The reason to buy DustIQ was the fact that this sensor was the first in the world able to perform soiling measurements without the need to use two reference photovoltaic modules, one constantly cleaned and another for soiling deposition. This promises to significantly change the way O&M is performed in large photovoltaic systems.”

Cesar Biasi de Moura

Researcher at USP (University of São Paulo)

“I would definitely recommend DustIQ to measure soiling . Other soiling stations within the industry have several moving parts. It’s a big advantage that DustIQ doesn’t have that. It’s just like any other sensor you can put in the field and use the open MODBUS protocol to read the data. This makes it easier to use and moreover, it has its own software interface that can be used to change the device parameter settings as required."

Dattatreya Poosarla

Automation Engineer

“Based on our initial experience and the fact that there is no comparable system available in the market, we would recommend to install DustIQ at solar projects, certainly in more dusty areas."

Veselin Aleksandrov

Project Manager 

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Did you know IEC 61724-1 includes soiling measurement? Since 2017 Soiling ratio (SR) measurement is mandatory for Class A monitoring if the soiling losses are expected to be > 2 %. The data should be recorded every minute and the minimum number of monitoring points is related to plant power capacity. With DustIQ you comply with the standard using a small, light, simple and more affordable measurement system.

Measure soiling and comply with IEC 61724-1

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The influence of soiling is significant in arid areas, but it can have a considerable effect in other climates as well. In the development of DustIQ Kipp & Zonen researched soiling and its different compositions throughout the world. We have summarized these insights into a whitepaper. Click here to download the whitepaper for free.

Free whitepaper and soiling of PV modules

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Dust poses one of the biggest challenges for solar energy in desert regions. On average, locations on the Arabian Peninsula are experiencing daily output losses of 0.6 % caused by soiling. In cases of strong sandstorms, losses can grow to a reported 60 % at a time. See this case study about the first results of PV cleaning and DustIQ tests in real desert conditions.

Case study : DustIQ and NOMADD’s Cleaning Robots

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Discover the third issue of OTT HydroMet Insights! This time, we take a detailed look at the solar energy landscape, international standards, new applications and technologies. Read about the impact of soiling on power generation and ways to mitigate it. And don’t miss the new Kipp & Zonen SMP12 – industry’s first Class A pyranometer that provides integrated heating with zero moving parts.  

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Soiling Sensor DustIQ: Firmware Update Improves Response and Handling

The pioneering soiling monitoring system Kipp & Zonen DustIQ is becoming even better. From now on, OTT HydroMet provides the DustIQ with a new firmware that simplifies both handling and calibration. Active users can update to the new firmware, too. Read this article to learn how. 

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