New Meteorology Podcast: Let’s Talk About the Weather

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By Kurt Nemeth & Brad Guay, experts for precipitation monitoring 

Measuring precipitation is essential for meteorological and climatological purposes, but also for hydrological applications and local communities. Depending on the application and the place of operation, there are different kinds of instruments to detect rain, snow, and hail. In this episode we will talk about: 

  • Different types of precipitation sensors 
  • Challenges of precipitation monitoring in different regions 
  • Update on the OTT Pluvio², a weighing rain gauge with 15,000 units deployed worldwide
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Intelligent Road Weather Monitoring  

By Steven Marks & Manuel Kreissig, road weather specialists

Road conditions and visibility heavily influence drivers’ safety and traffic flow. With a wide range of sensors, road maintenance specialists monitor a variety of meteorological parameters including air and surface temperature, humidity, water film height, freezing temperature, visibility, and more. In this episode we talk about: 

  • Static and mobile road weather sensors  
  • Applications and successful setups to monitor road weather 
  • Trend: intelligent software solutions to support and relieve winter maintenance 

Sky and Cloud Observation with Ceilometers 

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Measuring Amount and Type of Precipitation  

By Holger Wille, Product Manager and expert for lidar systems 

Sky observation is becoming increasingly important for multiple disciplines. With instruments called ceilometers, meteorologists and aviation specialists scan the ceiling for different kinds of clouds. In addition, aerosol particles are highly relevant for studies on climate change and air pollution. In this very first episode of our meteorology podcast, Holger Wille talks about: 

  • Measurement principle of lidar-based instruments 
  • Applications and benefits 
  • OTT HydroMet’s ceilometer portfolio comprising Lufft CHM 15k & CHM 8k