Webinar: The Future of Mobile and Stationary Road Weathe Data

  In this webinar, our experts discuss mobile and stationary RWIS – what’s possible today, what are the benefits for the future, and how to make the best out of the RWIS data from all sources.

Road Weather Quiz

Busy preparing for the upcoming winter season? Sometimes, everybody needs a short break. Take this Road Weather Quiz and find out how many facts do you know and what could still surprise you.

Maryland DOT relies on mobile sensing from Lufft

Maryland DOT uses mobile road weather sensors to improve both the quantity and quality of its data. This helps to make smarter decisions that increase safety and optimize operational winter maintenance efficiency.

Pilot Project: Bus with mobile sensor increases road safety

How can city buses contribute to road safety in winter? Read about the pilot project in Offenburg where the mobile road weather sensor MARWIS  is attached to a bus and monitors the road condition while driving.

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Podcast: Intelligent Road Weather Monitoring

 In this episode, our experts discuss modern RWIS systems. Tune in and learn how static and mobile road weather sensors complement one another – ideally within a smart software solution, that supports and relieves winter maintenance.
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Cities become smart through data- with LoRaWAN and sensors from Lufft

Herrenberg is a smart city using data to perform many of its tasks more efficiently than before. The intelligent winter road clearance service is based on sensors from Lufft.

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Road Weather Microlibrary

Manage Your Critical Road Weather Conditions Always and Everywhere

Keeping roads and highways safe is a highly responsible task. In addition to autumn’s and winter’s perils, the increase of weather fluctuations and extreme weather events throughout the year pose further challenges to road decision-makers. To guarantee safe traffic, accurate road weather information is more important than ever.
Ideally, a dense network of Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) combined with mobile sensing enables you to monitor road weather conditions at the right spots and in real-time.

On this page, we gather well-grounded insights, relevant articles, and interesting conversations with RWIS experts. Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced road weather specialist – this Microlibrary surely holds valuable content for you.

Our customers from highway agencies and local authorities all over the world have experienced the safety and efficiency improvements that are achieved thanks to our systems. They confirm, that through our sensors they were able to:

  • Improve the predictability & reduce accidents due to icy, foggy, or wet conditions
  • Ensure operational efficiency
  • Give evidence in the case of an accident due to critical weather conditions

Proven benefits

Blog: Retrofitting Caltrans’ RWIS stations

Caltrans has replaced old road weather stations with new equipment from OTT HydroMet. This project shows how to efficiently retrofit RWIS stations while reusing existing infrastructure. 
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