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Increase confidence in site performance metrics by upgrading to the only pyranometer that prevents dew and frost using integrated dome heating. Designed for durability with the best-in-class surge protection, the IEC Class A compliant SMP12* pyranometer reduces unexpected maintenance costs and maximizes data uptime.

SMP12 Class A Pyranometer

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With an outer dome that maintains a slightly higher temperature than the surrounding air, no morning dew and frost will interfere with the accuracy of your measurements. Now you can be fully IEC-61724:2021 compliant. Plus, solid-state heating technology enables less maintenance with no moving parts.

Integrated dome heating, zero moving parts

Discover leading surge protection that helps you reduce failure risks, escape expensive on-site replacements, and maintain performance. Focus on plant performance and mitigate the impacts of poor grounding, finicky power sources, and lightning.

Safeguard production with enhanced surge protection

Improve the long-term reliability of your data knowing that the installation angle has remained constant. With the SMP12, you can remotely monitor tilt angle installation down to ±0.5°.

The right tilt angle for reliable results

Make accurate predictions of energy production and recognize system faults faster, for longer. The SMP12 has a leading mean time between failure (MTBF) of 10+ years. And it’s fully equipped and fully compliant with the latest ISO and IEC standards.

Durability to last + Class A compliance

Industry-standard RS-485 connectivity and the Modbus® protocol make it easy to integrate with all your data loggers and SCADA systems. Plus, with dedicated pre- and post-sale support and services from OTT HydroMet, you have the technical expertise and turnaround times you need – right in your region.

Experience easy integration and local support

Sustain every stage of solar energy production

Site prospecting

Clearly indicate the profitability for a potential solar plant with high-quality, reliable solar radiation data and an accurate estimated performance ratio.

Plant design

Optimize yield and reduce losses. Trust high-quality measurements from high-performance instruments to provide a reliable long-term performance ratio, with lower uncertainty.

Installation & commissioning

Use reliable irradiance data to show high performance ratios and demonstrate the ability to design and construct a well-performing energy plant.

Plant operations

Trust the quality and reliability of solar irradiance data to monitor your solar power plant, determine final performance ratio, and optimize efficiency.

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