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How to Mitigate Soiling for Improved PV Performance 

For solar farm operators, improving photovoltaic performance and maximizing operating efficiency is vital. As power prices drop, solar farm operators must get as much out of their installed PV systems as practical, both to meet contractual obligations and to enable the selling of excess power. However, PV soiling can significantly diminish energy generation, anywhere from several percent annually, all the way up to 50% in the worst cases.

Because every solar farm's challenges are unique, making accurate, site-specific measurements is key to creating an effective soiling mitigation strategy.

Download the whitepaper to learn how:

  • Monitoring the rate of soiling recovers lost energy generation
  • Using the right monitoring tool is cost-effective, accurate, and enables flexible applications
  • Implementing cleaning strategies improves return-on-investment and provides the best possible energy production for the solar farm

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