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Solar Energy International Standards: 
ISO 9060, IEC 61724 1, ISO 9846 and 9847, ISO/IEC 17025

In solar energy, there are a number of international standards to consider when it comes to PV plant operation and maintenance. Some of these also apply in the earlier phases of design, procurement and construction. The standards and levels selected for a solar project also influence the products required to monitor solar irradiance and environmental conditions.

To help make sense of a somewhat complicated subject, we have summarized the most relevant ISO and IEC standards that apply to weather monitoring in a whitepaper: ‘ Solar Energy International Standards’. 

  • IEC 61724-1 PV System Performance Monitoring 
  • ISO 9060 Pyranometers and Pyrheliometers
  • ISO 9060: 2018 Update
  • ISO Calibration Standards
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

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