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Through our many years of experience, starting in 1830, Kipp & Zonen has grown to be the market leader in solar irradiance measurements. Today, it is a key brand in the portfolio of environmental monitoring group OTT HydroMet. Customers all over the world rely on our instruments in various applications in the solar energy sector; from resource mapping to plant performance monitoring to technology research. Together with them, we have built up an in-depth knowledge base that we would like to share with you.

How Trimark Boosts Efficiency of Photovoltaic Plants with Precise Meteorological Data

A leading provider of metering, SCADA, and energy storage technology solutions, Trimark Associates, Inc. shares how they use on-site meteorological measurements to enable remote operation of PV plants. Read more in this case study to learn more today.

Mastering the Sand in the Arabian Desert with DustIQ and NOMADD’s Cleaning Robots

NOMADD builds cleaning robots for PV modules in dusty areas. To evaluate their performance, the company used our DustIQ soiling sensors. Read our case study to learn more about the project and its results.

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Solar Energy Insights

In this edition, we would like to share some stories of inspiring projects, important technical knowledge, and present our latest innovation – the Kipp & Zonen SMP12, industry’s first Spectrally Flat Class A pyranometer that provides integrated heating without moving parts. 

Solar Energy International Standards

This whitepaper provides details on the major IEC and ISO standards that relate to performance monitoring of solar energy plants, the classification of pyranometers and pyrheliometers; and calibration. Download the whitepaper to find all information.

Solar Module Soiling

DustIQ measures soiling of PV modules. We have captured the insights on soiling that we have gained during the development of the DustIQ. Read more in our whitepaper about what soiling is, how it is distributed, and how it affects PV cells, modules, arrays, and strings.

Benefits Pyranometer and Satellite Irradiance Data

Some say that data derived from satellite measurements can also be used to make decisions when it comes to utility-scale solar energy.  In this whitepaper, we explain the benefits of combining the two. Download the whitepaper to read more.

6 Key Influences that Determine PV Performance Ratios

There are many factors that influence the calculated outcome, from the components selected to the environmental conditions. We have published a whitepaper that sums up the 6 key influences on PR and how to deal with them. Learn more today.

The Benefits of Accurately Measuring Solar Irradiance

Kipp & Zonen has summarized its expertise and combined it with customer feedback to provide you with an overview on solar irradiance.  Find out more on measuring the benefits in the solar energy industry. Download the free whitepaper to read more.
We, Kipp & Zonen and Lufft, have combined our expertise and solutions to provide you with all there is to know about measuring the meteorological and solar parameters that influence the performance and success of your project. Want to learn more through our variety of on-demand solar webinars? Click here!

How to Mitigate Soiling for Improved PV Performance 

Every solar farm's soiling challenges are unique. Making accurate, site-specific measurements is key to creating an effective soiling mitigation strategy. Download the whitepaper to learn how monitoring the rate of soiling and implementing cleaning strategies recovers lost energy generation. 
In this case study, Beijing Intell-Sun Technology Ltd. shows its approach to reduce performance losses at a large PV power plant in the Benban Solar Park in Egypt together with EPC experts. 

Improving Efficiency at Benban Solar Park 

ISO 9060:2018 – A practical and scientific guide

Download the guide to learn how the updated standards allow operators to better compare their experiences with global best practices and improve overall performance at their solar installations. 

Bifacial Photovoltaics on the Rise

This summary contains the current state of the trends and research topics of the exponentially growing technology, bifacial PV. Accurate measurement of irradiance offers a few challenges when it comes to the back of modules.