There is so much to consider if you want to make sure you get the most out of your PV plant.
Watch webinars on-demand from Kipp & Zonen and Lufft and learn how to optimize the PV plant performance. 

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Soiling of PV modules leads to a cost of lost energy production, but there is also the cost of cleaning. Soiling does not occur at a constant rate throughout the year, or across a plant, so cleaning schedules should be flexible and optimized. Dust IQ provides the data for you to decide when and where to clean.

DustIQ: Measuring and Monitoring Dust on Panels & ROI

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How Ceilometers can Contribute to Solar Applications

The energy yield in solar applications depends on the atmospheric transmission and scattering. Join this webinar to learn how our ceilometers provide data on clouds, precipitation, cloud cover and particles in the air and can thus be a useful supplement to radiation measurement methods.

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Bifacial PV: Monitoring Rearside Irradiance and Albedo

Bifacial PV modules are a hot topic, but how should you monitor the irradiance reaching the rear of the module to quantify how much extra power can be produced? Does it make a difference if it is fixed or tracked? How do you measure the surface albedo? Watch now to hear about our experience and our recommendations. 

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Smart PV Monitoring with Smart Weather Sensors

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Temperature, precipitation, humidity and wind – these are the weather parameters you should know, if you want to achieve a top system performance of your power plant. Join this webinar to learn about the professional weather stations that can deliver explanations for output losses, and helps optimize the performance.

Optimizing Pyranometer Performance: Installation, Maintenance and Calibration

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O&M companies need to ensure that pyranometers are measuring as they should. Are they installed correctly? What regular maintenance should be done? When should they be calibrated? Can you make a performance check between calibrations? How can down-time be minimized? Find out now!

DNI, DHI and GHI: How to Measure Them All, Up to Reference Quality

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For concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) and concentrating solar power (CSP/thermal) it is critical to measure direct normal irradiance (DNI). But, it is also important for tracking PV modules. On a cloudy day, all the radiation from the sun is diffuse/scattered (DHI) and it can be useful to measure this. We tell you how.

Smart Weather Sensors: Monitoring Meteorological Parameters for PV PR

Other than solar irradiance and PV module temperature, there are a number of other meteorological factors that affect the plant performance ratio; as described in IEC 61724-1. The most convenient, and lowest maintenance, solution is an all-in-one smart weather station. Lufft and Kipp & Zonen have what you need. 

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RT1: Installation, Operation and Measurement 

The number of commercial and industrial rooftop PV installations is rapidly increasing. Our RT1 Smart Rooftop Monitoring System provides the information that you need for checking the plant performance, simply and cost-effectively. Join us to find out how it works , how it is installed and what it can do for you. 

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