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ISO 9060:2018 – A practical and scientific guide

When it comes to PV plant operation and maintenance, there are a number of international standards to consider. One of them is ISO 9060, which underwent a significant update in 2018. Though it seems to be mainly a renaming of radiometer classification with the new Classes A, B, and C, the devil is in the details and still causing a lot of confusion.

In our latest whitepaper, we shed light on ISO 9060:2018, we explain what has changed from the previous version, and clarify metrics and criteria such as:

  • Spectral selectivity: estimates field measurement errors based on the spectral response of a radiometer.
  • Spectral error: measurement combining reference solar spectra for sky and atmospheric conditions with the radiometer’s measured spectral response.
  • Spectral flatness: shows how constant (or flat) the instrument’s response is for light with different wavelengths.
  • Guard bands: strengthen the 1990 selectivity limits to account for the uncertainty in determining an actual value.

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